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I have had a business in the Palm Beaches for over 10 years.  ALL-SUN Media has provided all of my business training video work since I opened in 2002.  Over the years I have never witness such a dedicated team of individuals who were focused on my projects and what's best for the overall growth of my company.  Thank you to the team of ALL-SUN Media for all that you do for me.
Glenn M.
On time, on budget.  ALL-SUN Media has been consistent in delivering only the best quality and service for my business.  I look forward to continued business together as I grow my facility.
D. Mendelson 
I lost many of my relatives over the years and all I had to remember them by was old 8mm film that was taken. I found the films in a closet and they were badly damaged from over the years and the Florida heat and humidity.  I took them to a local drug store who said they specialized in film to DVD transfer. I found out they couldn't restore them and only shipped them out across the country to be transferred.  I wasn't happen with the thought they could get lost or damaged even more.  Then I found a retail Wholesale Club that I was a member of and saw they also offered film to DVD transfers.  Well good thing I asked questions because they also send them out across country for transferring.  I finally found ALL-SUN Media in the Yellow Pages and went ot see what they could offer. The service was incredible, the personalized attention was outstanding.  They cleaned all my films, transferred them right on the premises, and handled them with the tender loving care I was hoping for.  They are the best.  Thank you for preserving all my family history forever.
R. Bennet
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